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Exclusive agents and distributors of lifestyle, artisan and couture brands combining accessibility and allure worldwide.


Luxe Oceania brings a new and exciting approach to distribution, not yet seen before! With its roots firmly grounded in the manufacture, wholesale and retail of fine jewellery, time-pieces and accessories. Luxe Oceania has had decades of experience being immersed in the world of luxury.


Luxe Oceania is a conduit of luxury and style, transporting good taste and quality from every corner of the globe. It delights in being able to reach clientele nationally and internationally and introducing new and innovative brands to consumers in the Oceanic and South-East Asian Pacific Region. Having an ingrained understanding of this market, its wants, needs and various demographics, is the edge that Luxe Oceania brings to its clientele. 


Luxe Oceania is unique in its approach to distribution, in that, it shows a deep understanding of brand integrity and commits to preserving the identity of the brand and its company's values. 


Luxe Oceania also works very closely with corporate clientele in building the reach of their goods and services by assisting with brand development, product merchandising and marketing strategies. 


Our Brands

We are very selective about the brands we work with, priding ourselves on our intimate understanding and appreciation of the essence of your brand and its unique history.

We represent your brands as though they were our own.

We foster a close working relationship with the principals of your brand, ensuring that their vision and interests are propelled in the Oceanic region and abroad.

Luxe Oceania, Our Team

Luxe Oceania, Our Team

Luxe Oceania, Our Team



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